Writing 201: Poetry — Day 2 of 14 (limerick, journey, alliteration)

Writing 201: Poetry, Assignment 2: A limerick related to a journey using alliteration

Vim’s Virtues Invested (or, Virtuous Vim’s Vestiges)

Vast vistas vie for a vocation;

vacation wants venues to take in.

Vicarious travel’s

a vulgar reversal,

vexatious beyond vacillation.


But vigorous ventures revived

evoke vagaries very live–

of victors converging

on verdant veldt virgins–

evading all enslaving vibes.


As vibrancy vanquishes vacancy,

a vigilante ‘gainst vapidity,

vouchsafed are the brave with

everything they gave in

evincing their visions of vagrancy.


copyright C. L. Tangenberg — course hosted by The Daily Post

Note: In the attempt to use the letter “v” for alliteration, I discovered far fewer fun words than serious ones. Forgive me if this unduly weighs down a lively form. Remember, I’m fond of irony, so let subject be the form’s tribute while tone serves the contrast. It’s all experimentation at this point.

Maybe next time I’ll take an absurdist pop culture journey through the likes of Vicki Vale, Vonage, vindaloo, Velveeta, Van Morrison, verklempt, Tender Vittles, Vivien Leigh, vorpal swords, Valentine’s Day, Eddie Vedder, Velcro, Vera Wang, vampires, Vauxhall, Vivarin, vocoders, Darth Vader, Vitacraves, varmints, Vegemite, Vistaprint, the Velveteen Rabbit, Voldemore, and Vizslas.

Hmm . . . it’s starting to sound like “We Didn’t Start the Fire,” worst Billy Joel song ever.

5 thoughts on “Writing 201: Poetry — Day 2 of 14 (limerick, journey, alliteration)

  1. This was a delightful read!
    for me, it was right up there with V’s alliterative speech from V for Vendetta! (which I really love, for the record)


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