Writing 201: Poetry — Day 3 of 14 (acrostic, trust, internal rhyme)

Writing 201: Poetry, Assignment 3: An acrostic about trust using internal rhyme

Trust–the first thing to go, you know, when the act comes to light–yields to fear.

Risk factors abound and can come down to a mind unsound, and a mean streak.

Every traitor has motive; few have good reason (save American colonists, 1776).

Able-minded misanthropes take and break Constitution or Office, and show that

Suspicion proves insufficient deterrent to thugs when no one blows the whistle.

Obama, W., Libby, Cheney, JFK guns, NSA, CIA . . . all risked or ruined life by it.

None are immune to power’s sepsis. The strong wield anti-bodies of conscience.

copyright C. L. Tangenberg — course hosted by The Daily Post


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