Reflection on “Abandoning Perfection”

A response to the post “Abandoning Perfection” at the blog The Way of Consciousness:

A theme I’m familiar with! I touch on the dangers of perfectionism here and there in my blog. We are all uniquely imperfect, I agree. Perfectly imperfect.

There is so much we don’t know about people’s lives behind apparently perfect facades that it also makes jealousy futile and foolish. The grass always seems greener elsewhere, but once we cross over, it’s not any more. As flawed as life is, I think I’d rather have my own problems than take on someone else’s instead. At least they are familiar.

But you’re on to something there, too, that maybe the things we think are flaws or problems sometimes are instead opportunities, quirks or idiosyncracies, lessons for ourselves or others, or generally purposeful. We unconsciously know we can never really reach perfection, but sometimes it takes intervention to keep us from going after it anyway.

For me, certain struggles I have serve as automatic, involuntary checks against my striving for perfection. I’m grateful for the aspects of my life that have so intervened, as inherently challenging as they are. It’s humbling, and we can all use a little humility, along with a little confidence despite imperfections, in ourselves.

Perfectionism is a dead end and stifles creativity as well as productivity. It can be utterly paralyzing and is definitely stressful. Results are rarely worth the torment. We have to make mistakes if we’re going to learn anything.

Thank you for these reminders and for inspiring me to beat this drum, in solidarity with you, yet agaiDSCN7563wine&bottlen.

And so, a toast to mystery, mistakes, and fruitful flaws.

Cheers. 🙂

2 thoughts on “Reflection on “Abandoning Perfection”

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