Wild Verses: Bits of Nature Poetry, 8 of 10

The second half of “Taking It,” a poem about my next-door neighbor’s Siberian husky competing with birds for its food. April 2000.

That’s when the starlings surged.
She returned to find the blue bowl bluer.
She blinked and looked toward the house for help.

The birds are still hungry. And they know her limits.

Standing her ground yesterday,
baffled as the birds amassed,
the dog nibbled neurotically on the leftovers
while the starlings crushed each kernel
on the hard, paved periphery
to make it small enough.

Today, she’s almost waiting for a hungry starling kiss.
Today the husky takes it lying down.

copyright C. L. Tangenberg

Image: AKC Siberian husky breed section

Image: Siberian husky on AKC website

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