30 Minutes of Sunset Photos

A setting summer sun viewed from our back deck on Sunday, July 19, 2015. Akron, Ohio, USA. After I selected shots, it worked out to about 1 for each elapsed minute: 8:53 – 9:20 p.m. Do any of these look like the surface of Jupiter to you?

DSCN7103_853_43pm DSCN7106_854_16pm DSCN7113_855_34pm DSCN7121 DSCN7123_857_48pm DSCN7127_858_39pm DSCN7129_859_02pm DSCN7130_859_13pm DSCN7131_859_30 DSCN7134_900_10pm DSCN7135_900_30pm DSCN7136_900_44pm DSCN7139_901_24pm DSCN7143_902_12pm DSCN7146_902_56pm DSCN7156_905_44pm DSCN7159 DSCN7165_907_55pm DSCN7167_908_21pm DSCN7169_908_52pm DSCN7172_909_34pm DSCN7175_910_25pm DSCN7178 DSCN7183_912_20pm DSCN7199_916_18pm DSCN7202_916_41pm DSCN7209_918_38pm DSCN7217_920_54pm

One thought on “30 Minutes of Sunset Photos

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