Five-Phrase Friday (7): Small Town, Big Britches

This Friday’s phrasal fun takes a look at the slogans of small-town USA. I was trying to find town names that are phrases, but my initial search didn’t yield quick enough results for my new, busier schedule. Maybe next time. Know of any in the U.S.? Feel free to share.

Borrowed from Brad Herzog’s article “100 Best Small-Town Slogans,” these five are my picks for Best of the Best:

  • Number 3: Linesville, Pennsylvania: “Where the ducks walk on the fish”
  • Number 6: Peculiar, Missouri: “Where the odds are with you”
  • Number 12: Moscow, Maine: “Best town by a dam site”
  • Number 22: San Andreas, California: “It’s not our fault”
  • Number 27: Gas, Kansas: “Don’t pass Gas, stop and enjoy it”

To see the other 95, go to “100 Best Small-Town Slogans.”

I don’t even know my own town’s slogan. . . . Akron, Ohio, used to be called “The Rubber Capital of the World,” and the smell certainly gave us away. Now, according to the Akron city website, they’ve added “City of Invention” to our seal, as we are the home of the National Inventors Hall of Fame and were declared by Newsweek to be a “high-tech haven”–in 2001.

If I were to invent our slogan, it might be “Stress on the first syllable as in the word ‘actor,’ second syllable unstressed” or “Hey, we finally got a new mayor!” or, simply, “Akron Akron Akron Akron Akron Akron Akron Akron.”

What’s your town’s motto, slogan, or claim to fame?

Happy October, Friends of Phrase!


Ducks on Fish 1, image by found via



7 thoughts on “Five-Phrase Friday (7): Small Town, Big Britches

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