Five-Phrase Friday (16): Alphas and Omegas

This year would have given me a fifth line so that I’d have one to share from each novel I’ve drafted. Although I “rebelled” by not writing a novel this November for NaNoWriMo, I have participated since 2011. In solidarity with and celebration of my fellow WriMos, I present phrases from my four novels’ first and last lines.

  1. The last part of the first sentence from 2011: “. . . to uncover the source of the growling.”
  2. Same part from 2012: “. . . their pronunciation of ‘olive’ universally French in its stresses.”
  3. Part of the last line from my Shakespearean Hamlet spin-off novel, 2013: “. . . who has got away with murder?”
  4. The last part of my first sentence for 2014’s novel: “. . . Arliss defied the ungovernable storm.”
  5. Middle of the last line from 2014: “. . . letting the vast, bright sky envelop him . . .”

Congrats, novel writers! See you tomorrow at the TGIO (Thank Goodness It’s Over) party!

6 thoughts on “Five-Phrase Friday (16): Alphas and Omegas

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