Five-Phrase Friday (23): Cool Creatures

Five of the coolest wild animal species:

  1. superb bird-of-paradise, New Guinea – Just ask David Attenborough about their elaborate, colorful mating ritual
  2. North American river otter and pretty much all mustelids – cute, cunning, tubular, and aquatic predators
  3. Pallas’s long-tongued bat – a nectar-slurping genius of Central and South America
  4. African wild dog, or African painted dog – high stamina, highly social, 97% efficient predator, gorgeous coloring, huge adorable ears
  5. panther chameleon or veiled chameleon – coiled prehensile tail, long insect-grabbing tongue, color changes, camouflage, awesome toes, independent eye movement, swaying dancers in the trees

panther chameleon

Oh, yes. We’ll be returning to wild creatures. . . .

. . . Welcome back!


  1. What I got from vacation
  2. Raw Poetic Materials: Sources and Destinations
  3. Wildlife Poem: Sea Otter in Progress
  4. Otter Poem: Today’s the Day
  5. Sea Otter Poem: Revised Draft
  6. Sea Otter Poem, 4th Draft: Reaching Revision Goals


  1. Poem “Hawk Side” Wins Contest – an original poem on the red-tailed hawk
  2. Wild Verses: Bits of Nature Poetry, 8 of 10 – starlings and a canine
  3. Five-Phrase Friday (12): Call It Bird Song – on the phonetics of bird calls
  4. Five-Phrase Friday (23): Cool Creatures – a bird of paradise, among others
  5. Five-Phrase Friday (26): The Poet’s Paradox – reference to poems about birds
  6. Backyard Brief: Mystery Bird Unveiled – identifying what I thought was a sparrow
  7. Backyard Brief: The Yellow Eye – Dickinson meets a special winter goldfinch
  8. Backyard Brief: What’s New – new friends make their first visits to our feeder
  9. Backyard Brief: Little White King – the white-crowned sparrow
  10. Backyard Brief: The Front Porch & Backyard Brief: Great Blue Birthday – blue heron
  11. Famous Poets’ Nature Poetry, 8: “Corsons Inlet” by A. R. Ammons – shorebirds jab
  12. Buddha, bird – an original poem – a pondering with links to some answers


  1. Winter Warrior: Elyse the American Brittany – pooch in boots
  2. Spring cleaning – a photo
  3. Dog Blog: Don’t. Move. – stealth and a shape shifter
  4. Blogging 101: Dream Reader, the Irony in My Life – ouch
  5. The Perfect-Pooch Parade – dog shows and pets
  6. Wild Verses: Bits of Nature Poetry, 8 of 10 – a husky “battles” starlings
  7. Five-Phrase Friday (3): Pet Epithetic – nicknames for our dog
  8. Book Review: Rose in a Storm – fiction
  9. Five-Phrase Friday (33): Good Breeding – my canine aesthetic
  10. Elyse – a good-bye
  11. Book Review: The Dog Bible – nonfiction reference
  12. Letter to Elyse – in memory, looking ahead
  13. Our New Puppy Ethan – a photo
  14. Backyard Brief: Ethan’s Playground – collage on the jungle gym
  15. Ethan Builds Frustration Tolerance – in himself and in us
  16. #InternationalGuideDogDay: A Reblog – from On the Blink
  17. Dolphin spotting with Captain Casper the sea dog! (a reblog) – from Scotland with the Wee White Dug
  18. Helping Dogs that Fear Being Alone – separation anxiety treatment tips, resources

Other critters in verse:

  1. Backyard Bloodshed – poor creature
  2. Five-Phrase Friday (34): Earth Day, Every Day – predators
  3. Wild Verses: Bits of Nature Poetry, 2 of 10 – the lizard
  4. Wild Verses: Bits of Nature Poetry, 3 of 10, or a more complete version of the same poem, Flashback Friday: Original Poem for Fall.  
  5. Wild Verses: Bits of Nature Poetry, 5 of 10 (haiku) – the shark
  6. Wild Verses: Bits of Nature Poetry, 6 of 10 – under soil
  7. Wild Verses: Bits of Nature Poetry, 7 of 10 – under sea
  8. Wild Verses: Bits of Nature Poetry, 9 of 10 – the hawk
  9. Wild Verses: Bits of Nature Poetry, 10 of 10 – the turtle














8 thoughts on “Five-Phrase Friday (23): Cool Creatures

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