Five-Phrase Friday (23): Cool Creatures

Five of the coolest wild animal species:

  1. superb bird-of-paradise, New Guinea – Just ask David Attenborough about their elaborate, colorful mating ritual
  2. North American river otter and pretty much all mustelids – cute, cunning, tubular, and aquatic predators
  3. Pallas’s long-tongued bat – a nectar-slurping genius of Central and South America
  4. African wild dog, or African painted dog – high stamina, highly social, 97% efficient predator, gorgeous coloring, huge adorable ears
  5. panther chameleon or veiled chameleon – coiled prehensile tail, long insect-grabbing tongue, color changes, camouflage, awesome toes, independent eye movement, swaying dancers in the trees

panther chameleon

Oh, yes. We’ll be returning to wild creatures.

3 thoughts on “Five-Phrase Friday (23): Cool Creatures

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