The Paps of Jura

As part of our somewhat impromptu, personalized tour of Argyll, we got to see boobs–big ones. The Paps of Jura, to be precise. Jura is an island of the Inner Hebrides off the west coast of Scotland, north of Islay and south of Skye, its southern half on a line west of Glasgow. These prominent “breasts” make for a nice focal point for a photograph across the Sound of Jura on a sunny day.

“Paps” is a Scots term, and the Gaelic is cìochan, pronounced something like KEE uh khen. The singular form is cìoch; note the accent on the i. See the following resources for more about the term and its accurate pronunciation (for the fricative ch):

Am Faclair Beag (The Wee Dictionary, which is anything but) – cìochan

The Unofficial Guide to Pronouncing Scottish Gaelic – a down-to-earth bit of fun that breaks things down helpfully. See the explanation for “ch” pronunciation under “Broad Consonants.”

Scotland has other cìochan as well, such as the Pap of Glencoe. Lots of paps in Scotland.

Want more Scotland? Slainte math!

If you prefer American breasts, ogle these: Backyard Brief, January 2017

15 thoughts on “The Paps of Jura

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