Five-Phrase Friday (37): No “Callow” Craft

In anticipation of the re-airing of Outlander STARZ ep202, “Not in Scotland Anymore,” tomorrow at 9pm EST on STARZ, I’m re-posting my quick review of Simon Callow’s acting as the Duke of Sandringham. It celebrates the viewer satisfaction of watching a good, juicy, nuanced villain take shape.

This re-blogged post links to my extended review of his work in that one, penultimate ep202 scene—a thorough indulgence in villainous juices—and to a review of season 2’s first two episodes overall.

These were all posted originally last spring when the episodes first aired in the U.S.

Stay tuned for those re-blogs or follow the links if you don’t mind spoilers, or near-spoilers, for those who haven’t yet memorized all the episodes (unfathomable).

Vive les Frasers!

Philosofishal by Carrie Tangenberg

After a two-week hiatus from Friday phrases, I’ve decided to round off the series at 40. It’s time to move on to new ventures with my blog.

I’m using this post to set up my next in-depth review of Outlander STARZ season two, which will zoom in on British actor Simon Callow’s masterful development and portrayal of the Duke of Sandringham, especially in episode 202. (See Simon Callow’s performance credits here.) I first forecast this closer look–it’s coming, I swear!–in my review of episodes 201 and 202.

The quality of Simon Callow’s work greatly dwarfs (nod to his joke in ep204) his place in the credits list and the amount of time his performances air. Along with his writers, he deserves more attention.

Observing the nuances re-shaping the character from the book Dragonfly in Amber to its TV show adaptation via season two (and from the novel Outlander

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