About me


Fond of ideas, enlivened by discourse,
beholden to logic yet keen for irony,
compelled to precision but open to mystery,
bound to beauty and seeking what’s true,
I’m one whose artistic and philosophic sides,
whose loving and discerning traits, often vie
for supremacy. I long for their purposeful unity.

Variation on Monet's "Autumn on the Seine at Argenteuil"; acrylic on canvas

Variation on Monet’s “Autumn on the Seine at Argenteuil,” C. L. Tangenberg; acrylic on canvas, Autumn 2013

The vibration from this tension,
the energy of this effort, resonates
through my life’s work as learner,
lover, tutor, wife, writer, daughter,
thinker, champion of freedom, sister,
patron of the arts, friend, observer, aunt.

I claim responsibility for the outcomes
but try to assert no judgment over them.
Instead, I aim to garner and preserve
the strength and courage to be present,
share, and keep working. My callings are
to create and to serve, to bring out the best
in my students, my peers, and myself.

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